The Results

With heightened attention to accessibility, we provided a website solution that allows the Vance Thompson Vision team to easily update content, inform potential patients of procedures, doctors, and VTV locations, and loads as fast as possible.

Design Accessibility

We considered VTV’s target audience—those seeking visual assistance—and designed a site with high contrast ratios, and a larger font to be more inclusive.

Simplified CMS

VTV's wishlist included no longer having to be a rocket scientist to update their website. Our preferred content management system (CMS), Craft, delivered a simplified, intuitive back-end authoring experience.

Optimized Performance

Speed matters. The new site scored a 98 (out of 100) for website performance. A stark contrast to the slow-loading site of yesteryear.

Vance Thompson Vision's new location page layout compared to the old location page layout
An example of the homepage design
Bold, large text with a high contrast to the background helps users with vision impairments navigate the site and read content easier.
A colorful moving gradient helps tell the story of VTV's unique building in Sioux Falls, SD. The gradient mimics the various lighting features that make the office stand out.

Stratus Developing a Reviews Solution

Reviews of doctors and medical offices are important to prospective patients. Stratus, Click Rain's proprietary review management system, seemed like the perfect solution. However, there was not an existing connection to our CMS–Craft. No worries. We got to work dreaming up a solution.

Our Stratus team developed an integration that connected Stratus to Craft and allowed reviews from multiple platforms to display on the site. Now, the VTV team has the ability to display and filter out reviews by the doctor or location they refer to, reassuring future patients about the quality of care they’ll receive.

Stratus review integration preview
Beautiful sunset over a river

"Making a website with accessible colors gets a bad rep. Some will say it's impossible or it’ll make the design less exciting. With the Vance Thompson Vision site, we proved that you can care about inclusivity and still create a beautiful site."

Kaitlyn Martinez | Senior Developer

Seeing is Believing

Don't take our word for it. Visit Vance Thompson Vision's website and check out our work. If you're seeking a website that is inclusive, attentive to detail, and tells the story of your brand to your audience, let's chat.

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