The Results

Keeping the various types of donors in mind, we created strategic pathways for giving, ensuring users knew where their funds would be used and the various methods for giving.


A donation progress bar was developed to provide transparency and promote donations to help move the mark, gamifying the fundraising process.

Simplified CMS

After maintaining various websites to promote the foundation’s initiatives, one easy-to-use website reduced the time needed to update content.

Bold Design

Pairing the foundation’s robust library of photos with our vivid design elevated the look of the site and highlighted important campaign initiatives.

Screen grab of the campaign page of the SDSU Foundation website
A progress bar and quick facts provides transparency into the campaign goals and fundraising efforts.
Providing an area for telling stories allows the foundation to connect with potential donors and inspire celebrating the things that make the donor and alumni community so great.
Homepage screen grab of the mobile and desktop version of the SDSU Foundation website.
Leaning on the robust photo portfolio, we provided various opportunities to allow imagery to tell the story of the university and foundation

Sharing the Storied Legacy

Fundraising means more than money. It's the impact that dollars can make on students, faculty, and a community. We created a storytelling strategy that helped express where dollars were going and share in the excitement of the lives being changed. The goal was simple, to inspire new donors to want to make a difference. Sharing it through beautifully depicted stories is powerful.

Mural wall at the SDSU campus

"Being able to give the foundation a space that can help them reach their initiatives was incredibly rewarding. It not only serves the purpose of the campaign, but also brings people together in sharing stories. This site is the perfect combo of strategy and heart."

Colee Ernst | Senior Content Strategist

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