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Culture at Click Rain

We do our best to hire team members who can groove with our unique culture and values. Here's a bit more about us.

Click Rain’s people-centered culture understands that you’re more than just an employee. You are an individual with unique talents. You have an interest in your well-being, and so do we.

We lean into our four Core Values—Balance, Integrity, Excellence, and Others Above Self—to make Click Rain a stellar place to be, allowing you to leave your work at work and enjoy the rest of life, too.

We advocate for balance in the workplace, putting people into the equation of our business decisions and upholding our purpose each day in unique ways. You’re gonna love it here!

Our people are the best in the business. (Yes, we're biased, but still!) In addition to their professional chops and experience, they care. If you are hired at Click Rain, you’ll find yourself surrounded by like-minded people with a shared commitment to excellence.

Starting a new job can be a whirlwind and is a big life change. We do our best to make the transition easier by offering a systematic, gradual approach to your orientations and training.

Our 3-week process helps you first understand who we are and what we do before diving into systems and role-specific training—all while practicing some real work. Cameron, our Content Writer, even wrote about his sweet onboarding experience.

When it comes to benefits, Click Rain offers all the good stuff. We have robust and affordable health insurance plans, partially paid for by the company. We also offer affordable dental, vision, long-term disability, and supplemental insurance plans (at a cost to the employee).

These options allow you to pick and choose the right benefits package that works for you and your family. You’ll be 401k eligible after 6 months of full-time work, with up to a 4% match from Click Rain and no vesting schedule.

PTO? You Know It.

We have a robust paid time off plan, starting at three weeks and escalating year-over-year, until year ten, at which point you could potentially have six weeks of paid time off. In addition to formal PTO, employees also receive:

  • Eight paid holidays

  • Volunteer time off

  • A birthday holiday

  • Compassion leave

  • Partially paid maternity/paternity leave

  • Extra time off to serve the community or abroad

To top it off, we have a flexible work environment, allowing you to attend appointments, kid's activities, or other important events in your life without draining your PTO bank. Dentist appointment? No problem—just make up the time when you can! Save your PTO for when it matters most.

How We Hire

Click Rain hires great people. We have a solid vetting process—including multiple rounds of interviews, work assignments, an EQ test, and reference checks—to ensure the people who join our team will truly thrive here.

The Interview Process

We take hiring very seriously, but we also want the process to be smooth for every candidate. Here's what to expect.

  • You'll meet a few team members, including our CEO.

  • We'll explain Click Rain's history, values, and services.

  • We'll ask you several questions pertaining to the job opening.

  • You'll have a chance to ask us any questions.

People Over Profits

"We understand that you’re more than an employee. You are an individual with unique talents."

—Carissa Schoffelman | VP of Administration

Ready to join the team?

Start by browsing our open positions above. If you don't see the right fit for you, we'd like to hear more about you anyway. So get in touch!

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