Working with Chris

We all respond to challenges differently. Chris meets them head on, pursuing the undiscovered clues hidden in the data. He turns "We have a problem" into a new challenge, a new opportunity to improve. And, as one of a handful of Certified Web Analysts in the country, he is well-prepared to respond to these digital obstacles. Chris's superpowers are:

  • Data analysis

  • Content strategy

  • SEO

Chris speaking at Trendigital conference

Fun Facts about Chris

As a respected speaker and consultant, Chris also enjoys educating and inspiring people to take control of their digital strategy. Outside of Click Rain, he has served as a CASA volunteer since 2008 and as a mentor, tutor, and consultant for education at all levels.

  • Enjoys strategy board games (no surprise)

  • He was on the receiving end of the most epic prank in Click Rain history (by Amy)

  • Proud owner of a Yorkshire terrier

Male employee poses for a picture with his baby on his shoulders.
black and white photo of Click rain employees sitting in comfortable chairs arranged in a large circle

"I'm so lucky to get to work with the best people every single day. Not only is every team member the best in their field, but they are also kind, caring, and thoughtful people. This is borne out in our client experience, and also helps me learn and grow, becoming a better marketer and a better person."

– Chris Prendergast