Working with Colee

Colee helps our clients develop digital content strategies to meet their marketing goals. All digital marketing requires balancing data and creativity, but especially content strategy. Colee brings a refined aptitude for analysis to the content department, which enables her to identify unique avenues for client websites and marketing campaigns. She focuses on the uniqueness of the business and advocates for the brand through strategy. Colee's superpowers are:

  • Creative

  • Collatorative

  • Meticulous

Colee talking with Joey

Fun Facts about Colee

Out of the office, Colee enjoys reading (historical fiction), writing (ask her about her novel sometime), and singing (hearing is believing). She lives in downtown Sioux Falls with her husband and their cat.

  • Top advice: Don’t quit your daydream

  • Met her husband literally in a cornfield

  • Was definitely a pioneer headed West in another life

Female employee holding a child and posing for a picture during the winter
black and white photo of Click rain employees sitting in comfortable chairs arranged in a large circle

"Prior to coming to Click Rain, I don't think I realized how burned out I was. I didn't understand that work-life balance was possible, but I do now. Click Rain has given me the permission to not just work but work on myself at the same time. My mental and physical health is so much better and I appreciate working for a company that honors their employees above profits."

– Colee Ernst