The Results

The success of the campaign was based on how many hotel rooms and flights were booked in and to Sioux Falls with a primary goal of generating revenue.

While summer 2021 results were not comparable to pre-pandemic years, campaign efforts helped to revitalize travel to Sioux Falls after a significant lull in the industry.

175% ↑

increase in bookings YOY

265% ↑

increase in revenue

Experience Sioux Falls Social Media Targeted Ads
Experience Sioux Falls, website displaying two alternate dynamic content hero areas

Our Approach to the Solution

To stand out, our strategy focused on ensuring potential travelers saw messaging that was relevant to them through all campaign elements. We targeted and developed personalized campaign elements specific to each of Experience Sioux Falls’ target audiences. Paid campaign elements focused on utilizing these personalized elements to successfully reach each audience.

But personalized messaging didn’t end there. Once a user made it to the website, they were shown more customized content based on the paid media creative they engaged with, ensuring cohesive messaging across all channels.

Arc of Dreams in Sioux Falls

"Utilizing dynamic creative, we were able to develop an abundance of smart, personalized, and successful digital ads while not exhausting our production efforts. Assembled by smart technology, we were able to efficiently target different audience types with unique imagery, messaging, and calls to action, while not over saturating with one set of creative–but instead, hundreds of relevant ad units. All while automatically optimizing along the way."

Chelsea Redinger | Lead Digital Media Strategist

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