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We prioritize relationships with real people—like you, your employees, your customers and communities. It's the human touch that sets our work apart. It could set you apart, too.

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Marketing Capabilities

Email marketing

Email remains one of the highest ROI-generating marketing channels out there, when done right. Our expert team ensures your email list is full of active subscribers who are eager to engage with your business.

Marketing automation

Convert prospective customers to closed deals and brand evangelists with highly-relevant messaging. Automation platforms allow us to send targeted content based on where your subscribers are in their customer journey.

Campaign planning & strategy

Without the right strategy, marketing becomes a guessing game. Our team creates a customized plan for every client campaign we undertake—including the exact objectives, audiences, and messages which help us define success.

Media placement

Generate awareness and get results with your target audiences. Using various forms of media placement, we'll craft-data backed strategies that help move your customers through each stage of their journey with your business.

Paid search marketing

We're well-versed in the bidding strategies, dynamic keywords, and location-based campaigns that make paid search marketing so effective. Optimizing a paid search strategy helps your business reach its conversion goals.

Programmatic advertising

Based on ever-learning algorithms, programmatic ads ensure the right ad shows to the right customer at the right time. We gain greater insights to your audiences, and you get conversions.

Social media ads

From Facebook to LinkedIn and beyond, social networks offer an array of targeting options to provide relevant messaging and creative to current or prospective customers. Our team members hold certification in Facebook Media Buying and know how to use niche targeting to get the most out of your media dollars.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

These days, even the best website won't stand a chance against search engines—like Google—if it isn't developed properly. After an initial audit, we'll know where there might be gaps in your site and create ongoing strategies to achieve (and then keep) high search ranking.

Conversion rate optimization (CRO)

CRO efforts convert more customers, without putting extra media dollars behind your campaigns. How? We test variables like form field length, button colors, and headlines to strengthen any feature that can boost your website's conversion rate.

Reporting & analytics

We connect your business goals to your marketing technology data. Our reports pull in real-time data so you can easily answer, "how are our marketing efforts performing?"

Market Research

Data delivers improved understanding of your industry and audience so you can better serve both. With consumer insights, competitive analysis, and market intelligence, our team can provide research-driven recommendations.
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What People Are Saying "Our marketing partnership with Click Rain has made a huge impact on our organization's success. We can't imagine doing business without them—and we don't plan to."

Erica Kruse | Regency Hotel Management

What People Are Saying "When we need something accomplished in our marketing campaigns, we can put our trust in Click Rain. They put 100%+ effort into taking care of us; they “get us” and we are very appreciative of the top-notch marketing services they provide."

Marin Huber | Nyberg's Ace