The Results

The early bird Black Friday email alone accounted for 19% of all 2020 campaign revenue. The cross-channel campaign was successfully executed across email, websites, and social media. Seeing the success that the early bird Black Friday email generated, we worked with the Regency team to pull together a “Last Chance Cyber Monday” email deal to go out that Friday. The quick turnaround paid off in a big way. That email generated 20% more bookings.

After the last Cyber Monday email went out and a social post was published, we tallied up the results.

All in all, through fostering greater loyalty with email subscribers, a comprehensive Black Friday & Cyber Monday campaign, and taking advantage of opportunities as they arose, the 2020 campaign only generated 3% less in revenue per property than 2019. A nominal loss and a huge win in the middle of a pandemic.


of 2020 revenue was attributed to the Black Friday email


more bookings generated by the follow up Cyber Monday email

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Cyber Monday Deal Email Hero Illustration

Our Approach to the Solution

Over the years, we’ve worked closely with individual Regency properties to grow and maintain and grow their email marketing lists. This channel provides one of the highest ROIs for Regency and is a great way to continue to build loyalty and awareness with past guests. We wanted to find a way to thank these loyal subscribers for staying with the properties over the years and to give them something special in a challenging year. To do this, the first element of the 2020 Black Friday and Cyber Monday campaign involved a deeper discounted stay to email subscribers only.

The targeted segmentation and early access added a level of exclusivity to the promotion that conveyed just how much Regency values its guests. Offering discounted stays in the middle of a pandemic was a bold move that paid off big in the end.
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"It is always a challenge to stand out during Black Friday and COVID made this especially challenging. While informing travelers of the safety measures each property was taking, we were still able to capture the attention of our audiences with simple yet effective messaging. Because of our strategic approach in regards to targeting, we were able to work as a team to ensure we were delivering the right message, to the right people, at the right time."

Casey Heitkamp | Senior Designer

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