Working with Kate

Kate Kotzea does not accept the status quo, and she doesn't want her clients to either. As the VP of Products & Services, Kate helps lead our teams to develop comprehensive digital strategies for our clients. She thrives off of change and opportunity to solve real problems and rise to the occasion. Kate also brings new initiatives, strategies, and procedures to our internal team. Kate's superpowers are:

  • Versatile

  • Accessible

  • Diligent

Kate sits in booth at HQ

Fun Facts about Kate

In her free time, Kate serves on multiple committees for the United Way, helping with fundraising and distribution efforts. After work, you can catch Kate strolling and exploring downtown with her family and dogs.

  • Favorite drink: Black Coffee or Cabernet

  • Favorite word: Joy

  • Best advice: “If you want something new, you have to stop doing something old.”

Female employee smiles while holding her son in front of castle during the summer
black and white photo of Click rain employees sitting in comfortable chairs arranged in a large circle

"Click Rain is special. The people I get to surround myself with every day are empathetic, kind, smart, resilient, and motivated to always be making little improvements. And over the years all the "little things" truly add up, creating a work environment that is second to none."

– Kate Kotzea