The Results

Hold onto your Santa hats because the results were as magical as the season itself! We secured sales from several emails—48% from the Last Chance email, 43% from the Christmas is Here email, and 9% from the Early Bird email. It's like the campaign was spreading joy to everyone, naughty or nice. Check out that year-over-year growth!

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Our Approach

We aimed to create a buzz from the get-go. We stirred excitement and early bookings with an Early Bird email during the first week of the month. The extended booking window, from the Early Bird email to the Last Chance email, significantly boosted revenue numbers.

We deliberately avoided highly commercial aesthetics, opting for a more subtle and meaningful approach. Recognizing the significance of this mid-year campaign, we wanted to resonate with a sense of warmth. By weaving in Christmas messaging highlighting the joy of quality time, we emphasized the importance of experiences over material gifts. We strategically leaned into the savings aspect, understanding the economic considerations of our consumers. In doing so, we created a festive atmosphere that celebrated the Christmas spirit and acknowledged the value of cherished moments and financial caution during this time.

Not to mention, each email was curated with a festive holiday card theme, adding an extra touch of magic to engage our audience throughout the campaign. This year’s initiatives were in the (gift) bag.

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"We love working with the Regency properties to help achieve their revenue goals. The Christmas in July campaign was a chance to showcase creativity while producing results!"

Paige Ratzloff | Director of Account Service

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