We strive to help neighborhood and national businesses thrive by sharing insights and having a ton of fun along the way. Our team enjoys community events that allow us to connect. With expertise in many marketing-related disciplines and deep love for our community, we've been bringing useful tips to spaces all around us.

Trendigital Summit

At the 10th Trendigital Summit, several team members represented Click Rain. Chris Prendergast, Partner & Chief Strategy Officer delivered a keynote on Google Analytics 4 (GA4). Melissa Prostrollo, Senior Search Strategist shared a Lightning Talk on 5 Things to Start Doing Tomorrow in Your Paid Search Campaigns. Each session left attendees with takeaways for future implementation. Here are some tips from Melissa you can use today:

  • You can work on upgrading your ads to be Responsive Search Ads

  • Check Google’s recommendations & control auto-apply features

  • Review how search terms triggering ads align with keywords & goals

Melissa on stage presenting

Google Analytics 4 Workshops

Digital marketers have been buzzing about big changes with GA4. Our team has been helping businesses adapt as they transition from Universal Analytics (UA). Kate Kotzea, VP of Products & Services, and Senior Marketing Strategists Emma Larson and Bailey Wood, have hosted webinars. In this ever-shifting landscape, we're always here to give businesses guidance. Here are some highlights to look forward to as you transition:

  • Improved measurement method

  • Robust cross-platform tracking

  • Access to machine learning tools

Kate speaking in front of group in Click Rain's workshop

Rotary Club of Downtown Sioux Falls

Our team's community engagement has connected us with excellent opportunities. Eric Ellefson, our Partner & Chief Operations Officer also serves as a Club Executive. He recently hosted a panel discussion on State of the Media. This event brought together local leaders from the digital, television, and print mediums. Discussion took place to evolve the media landscape by inviting many perspectives.

Eric talking with man in suit on stage in front of a curtain.

Whittier Middle School Power Lunch

Another awesome initiative we're proud to be part of is the Power Lunch program at Whittier Middle School. Natalie Eisenberg, Partner & Chief Executive Officer, collaboratively coordinates this opportunity for students. Inspiring speakers share their stories to make a positive impact. These efforts offer the tools and encouragement needed for students to achieve their dreams. We can't wait to see all the spectacular things these students will do.

With design and brand development creative service capabilities, we helped bring this project to life. Cassandra Swenson, Senior Designer crafted a logo to capture the positive essence of Power Lunch, creating a strong visual identity. Additionally, she designed a compelling presentation template to simplify showcasing messages and visuals.

Looking for Your Next Speaker?

Whether you're interested in an event or prefer a one-on-one conversation, we're here for you. Our team would love to get to know you and bring useful tips to your space. Coffee is on us.

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