Hey there. It’s Natalie Eisenberg, CEO of Click Rain Inc., and I’d like to share a little about Click Rain's sister agency, Lemonly. Known as the Home of the World's Best Infographics, our talented Lemonly team makes it easier to understand complex data and stories using visuals.

Here’s more about Lemonly from Jade Delaney, Director of Business Development.

[Background Music] Hi my name is Jade Delaney and I'm the Director of Business Development here at Lemonly. That's just a fancy way of saying that I have the privilege of welcoming our new clients. And, today I want to welcome you into learning more about the Lemonly experience. At Lemonly, we are home of the world's best infographics and have been the experts in the visual storytelling space for the past 12 years. We make the world an easier place to understand. We work with clients like Midco, Volvo, the Green Bay Packers, and Marriott International to break down complex storylines and data in a way that engages and excites their unique audiences. Whether those audiences are potential customers, their own internal teams, or other stakeholders, we approach every project through the lens of designing clarity. We want to help you explain and elevate the stories that matter most to you, your team, and to your goals. With every project, you can expect a concise engaging storyline paired with custom Illustrated beautiful graphics to showcase the smarts, hearts, and personality of your brand. We specialize in infographics and those infographics can take on a variety of forms: static, animated, and interactive, the size of a landing page or the size of a social media post, explainer videos, reports, brand guides, and beyond. If you hear something today that you're interested in, let your friends at Click Rain know and we would love to continue this conversation. [Music]

By combining Lemonly’s infographic expertise with Click Rain’s vast digital know-how in a broad variety of digital services, we are unstoppable when it comes to helping our clients thrive. Combining forces has allowed us to offer even more to our clients and ultimately make them more successful. Let's connect on how we can support your growth–we’d love to learn more about you. Coffee is on us!

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