There’s a reason every major platform has incorporated some video-based capabilities. It’s all about return on investment (ROI). Video and animation advertisements consistently deliver a higher ROI than static content. This is the resource that will give your business an advantage so let’s talk about it.

Why Use Video Marketing?

Everyone is always looking for the next big thing, so you may be wondering if video is here to stay. To that we say, look at the stats for your answer. An estimated 80% of internet traffic is prompted by video engagement. When it comes to interaction, video engages users more than any other medium.

If you think about what video does for users, it’s easier to understand its success with engagement. A combination of audio, visual, and closed-captioning components helps the medium meet levels of inclusivity that static content can’t compete with. People can process videos more quickly than other content while using more senses to understand the story and retain information.

Unlimited Video Opportunities

One of the most exciting aspects of video marketing is the access it grants businesses to audiences. Now more than ever, you really can meet your audience where they’re at. You can engage with them in their home, at their office, on vacation, and across gaming, desktop, and mobile devices. Check out just a few of our favorite video options:

Interactive Video

Watching streaming video is more popular than ever. Connected TV ads (CTV) allow for a fun way to engage with your audience through QR codes or interactive quizzes while they binge-watch their favorite program–you may have seen them while you are watching Hulu. See our SDSU example

Interactive digital video ads
are also a great way to showcase different products and information in a more unique and engaging fashion–you can even embed them on your website for internal training or as a virtual product showroom. See our Plains Commerce Bank’s example.

Social Video

Make sure you are considering vertical and square video formats when you are shooting footage–it will be important as you edit for social ad units. Newsfeed ads (see our Max Muscle example), stories/reels (see our Canaan Valley example), carousel videos (see our Great Ohio Lodges example), instant experience videos, and more can encourage engagement and awareness. There are many options to choose from across the various social platforms–know your audience and choose/create wisely for the best results.

Email Animation

Email marketing is making a huge comeback and so are animated gifs. While “video” cannot be placed in an email, animated gifs can! We have seen some of our best customer engagement come from emails with a little motion added. While it is important to be considerate of file size, overall, it's worth the investment to add a little wiggle. See our Wells Blue Bunny email series samples (with a 45% engagement rate, they are off the charts).

Native and Website Video + Animations

Organic-style video can create a huge impact. Native video ads allow users to watch your content while on another website. Create content related to the type of information users are already engaging with so they feel a natural flow when digesting your video online. This is a great way to gain qualified leads and become top of mind. Your native video content can also be utilized on your website in the form of how-to videos, testimonials (see our Raven sample), product explainer videos, and more.

Additionally, doing something as simple as a website background video (see our Canopy Lumber and Dordt University samples) on your website can help entice and create a more engaging experience online. Using code to create some micro animations while also incorporating animated illustrations (or SVG animations) can also bring a website to life. Our developers partner with our sister agency, Lemonly to make the best website SVG animations out there.

While these are only a sampling of video and animation options, you can start to see how video can play a huge role in your marketing mix throughout a variety of mediums.

Aligning Your Video Deliverables

Video deliverables should align with their placement. Most platforms provide specs to follow when creating content but it’s also important to keep up with the trends of each platform. Building familiarity with platforms and their users can save you time and money… while also making you money. For example, you may be able to upload a long-form insights video, but users may be looking for short-form animation that simplifies insights. Stay open to working with a variety of deliverables that highlights your message best.

Example of CTV ad unit for Experience Sioux Falls.

How Can Video Be Added to a Marketing Mix?

If you already have video footage, getting organized is a good place to start. As you review assets, assess the content you have and how it looks. Combining videos from various shoots and uncalibrated cameras is complex, especially when there are inconsistencies in lighting, resolution, and messaging. Wonders can be worked in post production however, only so much can be done with limited or outdated assets. Determine impactful ways to make the most of what you have using existing assets and get creative in your approach.

Account for variables we’ve identified as you plan for future content needs. Think of ways animation can serve as an alternative or additive asset. Various creative solutions can enhance video, but only to an extent. Options often depend upon the placement of the video and the audience. Your message will largely determine the best approach so make sure it’s meticulously crafted with your business’s brand in mind.

If you have no video footage to work with, organize a video shoot to capture divisible video content and get the biggest return on your investment. Develop a strategy that aligns with your goals, and consider the shots you’d like beforehand. Maintain consistency so users can track a red thread throughout all your marketing efforts.

There’s no one-and-done fix when it comes to great videos, but be sure to prioritize accessibility, resolution, and format considerations like vertical and horizontal needs. If you aren’t sure how to add captions to videos or what camera to shoot with, we’ve got you.

“If you want to get your audience's attention and drive engagement, then video is the way to go! It's a powerful tool for improved awareness, conversions, and connection. Let's collaborate to create content that resonates with your audience and helps your business succeed.”

- Dan Ludeman, Associate Director of Video

Make Your Marketing More Engaging

Adding video and animation to your marketing mix can be tricky but it’s worth it. Our digital-first team is here to help you make it happen. Let’s connect to discuss creative solutions. Coffee’s on us.

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