Working with Natalie

Upon joining Click Rain in 2016, Natalie spearheaded sales & marketing efforts until being promoted to CEO in 2017. Today, Natalie is the chief driver of Click Rain’s people-first digital approach, which she describes as prioritizing people over problems, processes, and profits. Natalie's superpowers are:

  • Communication

  • Effectiveness

  • Open-minded

Natalie smiles behind laptop in conference room

Fun Facts about Natalie

Natalie loves contributing to causes in her hometown of Sioux Falls. She serves on the Boards for the Sioux Falls Area Chamber of Commerce and Great Bear Recreation Area, while volunteering regularly around the community. She and her husband Troy have two children and enjoy year-round outdoor activities.

  • Side hustle: Managing her children’s lawn mowing and babysitting gigs

  • Best advice: “Keep people bigger than problems.”

  • In another life, Natalie was a cowgirl.

Female employee sitting on a bench during a walk in the park
black and white photo of Click rain employees sitting in comfortable chairs arranged in a large circle

"At the end of the day, we are all human, with unique talents, struggles, and needs. At Click Rain, we are always looking for ways to honor the lives of the people we work with, and through that, we're able to bring out the best in one another and deliver with excellence for our clients."

– Natalie Eisenberg