Video Packages for Any Business

One of the most exciting aspects of video in your marketing plan is the access it grants to your audiences. Now more than ever, you really can meet your audience where they’re at. You can engage with them in their home, at their office, on vacation, and across gaming, desktop, and mobile devices.

Our video packages make it easy to create video that meets your marketing goals and connects with your audience.

Standard B-Roll Video Shoot

Starting at $7k

B-roll footage of your business, consumers, or overall experience can be edited into video projects creating “hype reels” that can tell a story utilizing b-roll footage, graphics, and music.

B-roll footage is useful to have on hand to supplement interview or scripted video footage and can help establish scenes and provide cover for unwanted frames, leading to cleaner edits and more polished final deliverables. This content is also very useful in a background video that could be used on a website.

Standard Interview Video Shoot

Starting at $9k

An interview is a wonderful way to communicate information and create a more personal connection with your audience.

Our Interview shoot packages include pre-approved interview questions, a pre-interview meeting, and someone at the shoot to help make those being interviewed feel comfortable in front of the camera.

Combination B-roll + Interview Video Shoot

Starting at $12k

By layering both types of video shoots, more footage is available to tell the story of your business and to connect with audiences. Our team talks through how this footage will be used so we're shooting in the best way for websites, social ads, or larger TV spots.

Combining a b-roll and interview shoots into one day can provide for a number of efficiencies.

Video Deliverables

Included with each shoot package is one fully-edited video that could be up to one minute in length. Additionally, all video footage will be color corrected, have audio cleaned up, and you will receive the colored footage library as well as a library of RAW files.

Additional deliverables will be scoped out to define the key deliverables from the video shoot. These could include social ads or reels, connectedTV, website footage, or more.

B-roll and interview packages can be available in half or full day video shoots. The combination package is available as a full day shoot only.