The Results

Within the first month of the campaign, Click Rain's efforts delivered more than 200 new business leads at a lower than expected Cost per Lead (CPL). In addition, the average company size of these leads was higher than the organic website leads. Our top driver was Paid Search, bringing in over 50% of leads with an average company size of 218 employees.

As potential business deals continued to flow in, our team used campaign learnings and refined targeting to reach even more companies with 200+ employees.

Ice Cream on Wheels also reported an increased conversion rate for paid media leads turning into business deals once the campaign launched.


qualified B2B leads reached


B2B leads reached through paid search

Ice cream on wheels Linked In  Ads

Our Approach to the Solution

Click Rain worked with the Ice Cream on Wheels team to develop a multi-location digital campaign to drive brand awareness and ultimately increase B2B leads with larger party sizes during peak ice cream season (April through August).

Using Paid Search, Social, and Display advertising, we targeted managers, HR professionals, and other relevant decision-makers for businesses with 200+ employees in markets where Ice Cream on Wheels operates.

We implemented a remarketing strategy to target users who visited the Ice Cream on Wheels landing page but did not initially convert. Click Rain developed engaging platform- and audience-specific creative for these efforts.

We created a simple, eye-catching landing page for users to easily submit an inquiry. This landing page helped outline how Ice Cream on Wheels brings fun to the office without the managers having to lift a finger. All campaign tactics directed users to this landing page, and form submissions were tagged based on the platform and ad type the user engaged with before submitting the inquiry form.

Row of Bomb Pops

"We were really excited to get fantastic results—reaching exactly the right-sized B2B companies to suit their business goals through a variety of digital media. We loaded up their queue with events all season long. It was really fun to zero in on their goals so effectively!"

Melissa Prostrollo | Senior Search Strategist

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