Working with Carissa

Carissa loves helping people, which is why she's so good at it. No matter how you interact with her at Click Rain, you will leave feeling refreshed. Carissa also invests much of her energy helping lead our Atmosphere Team, a group responsible for office culture at Click Rain. Carissa's superpowers are:

  • Efficiency

  • Problem-solving

  • Listening

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Fun Facts about Carissa

In her time outside of work, she serves on her church worship team and serves on the board at Harvest Church and Corporate Care.

  • Married to Tim; mother of three boys

  • Talented singer

  • Top advice: Take care of yourself, so you can take care of others.

Carissa posing for a picture at the beach
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"To work at Click Rain means you are viewed as a whole person. In addition to being taken care of as a person, there is a nurturing of professional talent that makes coming to work meaningful. I look forward to interacting with my co-workers each day. And outside of work, everyone is equally as interesting and fun!"

– Carissa Schoffelman