Joining the Jackrabbits

We’re thrilled to be announcing our partnership with South Dakota State University, home of the Jackrabbits. Along with our friends at Lemonly, we’ll be serving up digital engagement through a variety of tactics for SDSU through the 2025 academic year. Since 1881, SDSU has been a celebrated institution in the state of South Dakota. We’re excited to continue that upward momentum by expanding their brand reach.

We’re kind of passionate about SDSU around here. In fact, nearly one-third of the Click Rain + Lemonly team are SDSU alumni. You could say our team members have “jumped” at the opportunity to show students just how great it is to be a Jackrabbit.

"We’re proof that SDSU transforms people who transform South Dakota in return."

Eric Ellefson, Click Rain COO

Eric and his daughter posing in the stands at an SDSU football game

Expanding SDSU's Brand

Our talented team helps organizations thrive online through a variety of marketing services. We’ll work with Lemonly to keep SDSU connected with a diverse range of student demographics. We will be focusing our efforts at Click Rain and Lemonly on two specific research-based strategies.

Digital-First Approach

We’ll share our digital expertise with SDSU to connect them with students online through a variety of engagement tactics.

Segmented Messaging

We’ll prioritize personalized messaging to meet future Jackrabbits where they’re at in life. Our goal is simple: create lasting impressions.

Casey posing next to a cutout of Jack with his SDSU jersey on

"This partnership will help the university grow by broadcasting SDSU's remarkable story to more prospective students and their families."

Mike Lockrem | SDSU Director of University Marketing and Communications

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