At Click Rain, we’re big fans of working smarter—when working harder isn't necessary. We'd love to share some of our favorite tools, tips, and hacks with you. We hope these save you time or give you some new resources to make your work a little bit smarter.

Chrome Extensions

A few simple additions to your Chrome toolbar can save you time and provide valuable insights.


We use this one all the time for presentations. It’s a great resource to get a screenshot of a full website. Install “GoFullPage.” You'll be snapping beautiful, full page screenshots in no time.

Web Developer

With this extension you can easily scan a webpage to check if images have alt tags and what those tags say. Alt tags, which are short descriptions on the images you use for websites and emails, can be a pain to test but a huge resource for those using screen readers when browsing the web. This one small step for you is a big benefit for others.

Tag Assistant

For anyone that works in the world of Google Tag Manager—this one's for you! With Tag Assistant you can see which tags are on a site, which ones are triggering, and which ones are throwing errors. This is a great resource for trouble-shooting.


This is a perfect tool to let you easily customize colors for a presentation or match brand colors. The eyedropper color tool allows you to hover over any color on a website and you’ll get the HEX or RGB code, a great hack for non-designers.

Keywords Everywhere

If you’re looking for some quick keyword insights, install Keywords Everywhere. It lets you see search volume, average cost per click, and competition, and even related keywords people are searching for.


Sometimes an extra click or two can add up throughout the day. Here are a few additional timesavers.

Google Drive

Who doesn't use Google Drive these days? The next time you need to create a new file, save some time by simply typing “” or “” into your browser. Voila! You can get right to work and the file will immediately save to your Google Drive.

Emoji Library

The last thing you want to do is inadvertently use the wrong Emoji. If you use a Mac, use the keyboard shortcut Command + Control + Space to get a whole library of Emojis at your fingertips.

UTM Tracking

UTM tracking is important to ensure when looking in Google Analytics we can tell how visitors got to the website. UTM Builder allows you to easily fill out the form fields and get a unique UTM tracking URL.

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