Get outside and clear out the hibernation blues during Summer Hours. Find out more about this Click Rain employee perk.

The Click Rain team is excited to implement our annual schedule shift for Summer Hours that allows team members to make the most of the sunniest season in the Midwest.

Let’s dive into this Click Rain perk and all the reasons it was implemented.

Winter in South Dakota

Oh, the Midwest. Land of rolling plains, hard-working folks, and… long winters. Uff da! If you’ve spent a winter or two in the Midwest, you know exactly what we’re talking about.

George and his wife bundled up in winter gear outside.

"When I moved from New Mexico to South Dakota during the summer, I had no idea what to expect once winter arrived. As others tried to warn me, I remember saying 'I've had some cold snowy winters in NM... I'll be fine.' Let's just say, my 10º record low in NM sounded really nice when I was walking to class in -25º weather!" Click Rain's senior designer, George Ruiz noted.

South Dakota, Click Rain’s home state, experiences a winter that lasts from November 25 through March 2. Average lows dip under the sub-zero range during winter months, meaning you’ll need some major outdoor gear to enjoy being outside.

What’s more, the state lacks hours of sunlight during the winter leaving many of us begging the sun, “Baby come back!” almost daily.

South Dakota sees an average of 21 sun-filled days between November and March. Daylight lasts as little as 9 hours, meaning you’ll probably watch the sun go down from your office window around 4:30 pm MST/5:30 pm CST.

To put these numbers in perspective, let's do a little math (don't roll your eyes):

21 days of sun / ~3 months of winter = 7 days of sunshine per month in South Dakota

What do these numbers tell you other than math is fun? It means you’re spending the majority of the winter in darkness if you live in the Midwest. Yikes!

Effects of Winter on Mental Health

The winter months bring less sun, and the freezing temperatures keep us inside for much longer. Common routines such as regular exercise tend to become, well… less regular. Before you have time to realize it, staying cozy and warm inside becomes the norm. After all, who wants to step outside for any reason when the temperatures reach the single digits? Not us.

The increase in social isolation and decrease in activity begins to affect our mental health in subtle but dramatic ways. For some, this can trigger the onset of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). The aptly named SAD condition is a form of depression that affects about 5% of the US population. That’s about 15 million people experiencing symptoms similar to clinical depression during the winter months in the United States.

Summer Hours: More Time in the Sun

Natalie Enjoying Summer Weather

Right around the end of April and the start of May, our mood in the Midwest begins to take a turn for the better. The sun is out and the days are longer. Enter summer!

Click Rain understands our team members can’t wait to get out of winter hibernation and take advantage of the longer days, so we’ve implemented an annual policy that allows them to do just that.

Every Friday between the week after Memorial Day through the week prior to Labor Day, our office closes two hours early. This allows our team members to make the most of the sunshine before the winter sets in again.

Click Rain CEO, Natalie Eisenberg, describes summer hours as “a way to support our people and deliver on our people-centered approach.” She notes that “with most of our team living in the upper midwest, summers are short, and the adjusted summer schedule helps people soak in these precious few months a little easier.”

Plus, seeing that we’re perfectly positioned in the middle of the country, lots of folks in the Click Rain + Lemonly family love to spend their weekends in several of the National Parks found within hours of our homes. Summer hours allow us to hit the road early and grab that prized camping spot that isn’t next to the bathroom (stinky!).

A People-Centered Agency

These perks make Click Rain an ideal place to work. The agency delivers the perfect combination of challenging projects, growth opportunities, and people-centered flexibility. We’re happy to be part of a team that keeps in mind our humanity and places our needs at the same level of importance as the success of our clients.

Click Rain Lemonly Picnic Group photo

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