Remember 2020?

To put it gently, the 2020 pandemic complicated employment for many Americans. Some were let go or furloughed; others actually found new work, if only through unusual processes like Zoom interviews or remote onboarding.

For a specific handful of individuals, 2020 will mark the year they began working at Click Rain.

Seven individuals, to be exact. We were fortunate to expand our team during 2020, but it wasn't a walk in the park. In this post you'll hear from several new team members on how they navigated the unique challenges of a career move during a pandemic.

Senior Designer Casey Heitkamp

Designer Casey Heitkamp has been working from home almost completely since she started last summer. Her main challenge? Connecting with new coworkers and feeling part of the team.

"It's been difficult to get to know my coworkers on a personal level being remote, which could have made me feel isolated. However, the people at Click Rain have been so intentional about reaching out to say hi or chat in a way that's comfortable for all of us.

That same intention shines in all that we do, from quick Zoom chats to catch-up on life and projects, online happy hours, holiday surprises, encouragement and weekly trivia games. These have all helped me feel like part of the team."

At her desk, Designer Casey Heitkamp is smiling at the camera while her computer is open and working on an illustration.

Associate Web Developer Blake Hartman

Also hired over the summer, Blake Hartman is Click Rain's first fully-remote employee, stationed on the other end of the state in Spearfish. Once again, his main challenge was the virtual interview format:

"Changing jobs in the middle of a pandemic was definitely nerve-wracking. My palms were sweating horribly before my first Zoom interview. I remember pacing between my kitchen and office with a million thoughts running through my head.

I usually depend on non-verbal communication to connect with people, so having to rely on myself to formulate and articulate answers had me worried. As soon as I started talking to Carissa and Brady, though, all of those nerves were out the window. There was just a certain calm and ease to the conversations with them, and that feeling has carried on through today."

Blake smiling at desk with software codes on his monitor.

Designer Kayla Hoover

Kayla Hoover was Click Rain's final hire of 2020. Kayla may have had the most positive comments about her hiring process… We'll take it as a sign that we figured a few things out by the end of the year.

"Interviewing and beginning a career with a new company in the midst of a pandemic was intimidating and somewhat challenging, but Click Rain embraced that challenge with open arms and made the onboarding process seamless.

"Upon entering the doors on Day 1, my meetings were already scheduled for three weeks, including introductions to familiarize me with every aspect of the company and check-ins to ensure my equipment and software were running properly. Changing careers can be a big transition, but Click Rain has made this a very positive and effortless experience."

Two female coworkers working and looking at the same laptop

Click Rain made three additional creative department hires in 2020:

Carissa working at desk with a plant in the foreground.

Administrative Challenges

Securing a job during a pandemic is one thing—hiring during a pandemic is another. We spoke with Carissa Schoffelman, VP of Administration, on the unique logistics of her hiring responsibilities during 2020. Here's what she had to say:

"Hiring during a pandemic was different but the same at Click Rain. We were able to do all of our interviews and follow all of our processes like normal, outside of it all being virtual. I missed the in-person feel immensely and I'm guessing our new hires did too!

"Each new employee spent a few weeks in the office for onboarding (with COVID protocols). I think they, and I, really relied on that time to soak in the interaction. I have never been so excited to meet an employee in person on their first day!"

True, the pandemic isn't technically done. Click Rain isn't done growing, either. We recently announced a new partnership with our friends at Lemonly. Our team made the best of 2020, but we're happy it's in the rearview mirror. Here's to even brighter days ahead!

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Headshot of Carissa in Click Rain's HQ

About the Author Carissa Schoffelman // VP of Administration

Carissa joined Click Rain as employee #5 in 2009; she now oversees all accounting and HR processes for both Click Rain & Lemonly.

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