Chelsea Redinger speaking on stage at Trendigital 2024.

Trendigital 2024: Where Trends Met Tactics

We can’t believe it’s been almost a month since Trendigital 2024. We strive to keep Trendigital a resourceful conference that brings some of the best marketing minds together to blend timely trends and topics with applicable best practices and takeaways. Thanks to the speakers and attendees who showed up. You made this one of our favorite events to date!

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Emma and Alex sit at desk looking at computer

Navigating New Frontiers in Email Marketing

We're excited to share insights on the emerging email requirements set by Gmail and Yahoo, ensuring you're set for success by February 2024.

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Bailey sits behind laptop

Always Innovating: Click Rain's People-Centered Approach with AI

Discover how Click Rain is integrating artificial intelligence (AI) into our marketing strategy, focusing on the intent behind this innovative approach.

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Photo of three interns sitting at computers in front of two neon signs.

Quench + SLICE 2023: The Diary of an Intern

This diary belongs to the Quench and SLICE interns of Click Rain and Lemonly. Unlike some diaries, this one isn't so private. Our respective intern crews have come together to let you know exactly what an internship entails with us from their perspectives. Read on to hear all about a summer of quenched interests.

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The front of the Click Rain Inc. building during the morning hours.

Bringing the World's Best Infographics Into Your Marketing Mix

CEO of Click Rain Inc. shares more about how Lemonly, home of the world’s best infographics, can elevate your current marketing tactics.

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Image of a mobile and computer browser showing privacy options.

A Cookieless Future

Click Rain's Director of Media, Chelsea Redinger shares more about how Google has announced (again) their plan to remove 3rd party cookies in 2024. This will change how we as marketers utilize data, target, and reach consumers.

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Chris on stage presenting on GA4

Let's Talk Speaking Engagements

See how our team has been taking center stage to speak on topics across marketing disciplines.

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Dan filming on set at Spencer Quarries in South Dakota.

Video: The #1 Marketing Medium

Video and animation advertisements consistently deliver a higher ROI than static content. Learn how video can give your business an advantage.

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Man presents in front of large group in an office setting with remote staff on the screen behind him

Level Up Your Content with Google’s E-A-T Guidelines

Google’s been a dominating force in the search engine market for nearly two decades. Learn how Google identifies quality content and how to create high-performing content that aligns with Google's guidelines.

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Over the shoulder shot of woman at her desk looking at a website

3 Tips to Reduce Cognitive Load on a Website

The brain has an astonishing ability to process information. We’re constantly problem-solving and making tens of thousands of complex decisions a day. But our brain's seemingly endless capacity has its limitations.

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