Our Approach

For the 2023-2024 admissions cycle, Click Rain implemented a recruitment campaign strategy that tapped into the expertise of our sister agency, Lemonly, to simplify the application process. Enter the Application Guide Infographic. The Lemonly team worked closely with the SDSU and Click Rain teams to beautifully visualize the essential steps and requirements of the application process in a manner that stayed true to SDSU's brand. The complete infographic was hosted on a new page at sdstate.edu, enhancing overall organic search visibility and website engagement, and it was linked to various application pages.

But we didn’t stop there. Using the infographic, we implemented a divisible content strategy to extend the creative and messaging across multiple media channels to capture the attention of our Gen Z audience. Placements included:

  • Paid social ads + stories

  • Mobile app unit

  • Paid search

  • YouTube

  • Direct Mail

The Results

With a clear messaging strategy guiding our process and a cohesive design direction, the campaign resulted in engagement rates far surpassing the industry average.

Mobile Unit


industry average engagement rate



industry average

Paid Search


Industry average

Together, we’ve built a campaign that makes SDSU stand out to prospective students and has shown success in key metrics within the enrollment funnel. We’re truly building something greater with the SDSU team. Go Jacks!

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