How It Works

First, our team gains access to your existing Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager accounts. From there we’ll outline all the existing events and conversions. We’ll work with your team to ensure we have the correct tracking identified for GA4 and get to work on the transition.

What's Included

GA4 upgrades will include tracking setup, form conversion tracking, and report customization. In addition, the Click Rain team will provide your team with a video recording on how to use GA4, and information on what reports and tools within the platform will be most helpful for ongoing tracking and reporting needs.

This project will include:

  • GA4 account setup on your website
  • Google Tag Manager (GTM) integration with your existing GTM account
  • Event Tracking
  • Report Customization
Screen grab of the GA4 dashboard

Why GA4?

Universal Analytics (UA), the current version of Google's analytics product, was released in 2012. Since then, it's become the most widely used analytics code on the internet. The changes we've experienced on the internet since UA's initial release have been extensive. A large increase in the use of mobile devices, for example, has shifted the focus to a mobile-first mentality. Developers, designers, and marketers are now creating sites that cater specifically to mobile devices in order to meet the habits of consumers.

These changes have big implications for the reporting tools we use and their ability to accurately measure user behavior on websites. They're also part of the reason that Google began eyeing the release of an updated analytics tool made for the internet of today. Unfortunately, the initial release of GA4 in 2019 left much to be desired, hindering its adoption by marketers and businesses. Google listened and eventually released several updates that met the needs of the industry and provided a better reporting experience.

GA4 offers a wide range of new features that allow you to track the full user journey more accurately.

These changes can be technical and difficult to understand so we've sorted through the most impactful ones and provided a simple explanation below:

Events are actions your customers take on your site. For example, "clicking a button", "loading a page" or "buying a product". UA used dimensions like bounce rate, page views, and sessions to provide insight into user behavior. This measurement model was limiting because it didn't focus on the user and instead focused on the general activity on your site. GA4 uses an event-based measurement model for a more user-centered collection of data that tells a fuller story of the customer journey.

GA4 offers a more extensive list of customizable data that allows you to get even more granular with your analysis. Every touchpoint on your website now is now measured more accurately, allowing you to make very informed decisions.

Universal Analytics used cookies and stored IP addresses causing some privacy concerns. Users today expect businesses to respect their privacy and collect only necessary information that improves their site experience. GA4 meets this expectation by adding a new layer of privacy controls that don't allow the platform to collect IP addresses. Site owners and marketers can also set country-specific privacy controls that are more compliant.

Check out our infographic

We put together a short, helpful infographic explaining the GA4 transition.

GA4 Setup Pricing

Click Rain handles the hassle of transitioning to GA4. Our analytics experts ensure the integrity of your marketing data and GA4 setup to avoid irregularities in reporting.

Let's work together to update your analytics technology and greatly increase your ability to make informed business decisions.

Standard GA4 setup pricing: $2,500