How It Works

First, we hold a discovery meeting with your team to clarify your goals for the audit. Then we get to work analyzing your digital footprint, marketing analytics, and MarTech stack, verifying that the right technologies support your digital channels.

Finally, our team meets with you after 2 weeks to reveal what we've found and our recommendations for optimizing your existing digital marketing strategy.

What's Included

You'll get strategic guidance on your digital marketing mix as well as a prioritized plan to implement these recommendations. Depending on our findings, this plan can include a potential timeline and platform suggestions to achieve these updates.

Audit Focus Areas

From marketing technology to existing media efforts, your historical results are reviewed across every touchpoint allowing us to create a full picture of your strategy. Our Digital Marketing Audit focuses on key areas of performance that have the potential to really move the needle for your business.

How have your marketing initiatives performed in the past? Are they connecting with your intended audience and helping you reach your business goals? Are you creating content that hits the mark?

We review the success of your past and current campaigns to understand if they're on-brand and effective.

The marketing technology (MarTech) used by your business has the potential to elevate your strategy in a manner that only software can. Choosing the right technology for your business starts with considering your individual needs.

We audit your existing tech stack to understand if the tools you've selected are hindering or supporting the execution of your marketing strategy then make recommendations where we see the most opportunity.

Businesses investing in paid media such as Google, Facebook, or Microsoft Ads have high ROI expectations. With the competitive nature of search and display advertising today, you can't afford to waste time on ineffective strategies or poor execution.

Our media experts review the full scope of your current strategy from setup to execution with an eye for ROI.

Your digital footprint can reveal a lot about your visibility in popular search engines like Google. Positioning the content used in your marketing strategy for the highest amount of potential traffic requires an understanding of the various tactics used to get there.

We analyze your content from a topical perspective to understand if you're targeting the right searches and creating content that's relevant.

Email marketing is an important tactic in your marketing strategy, allowing you to send messages directly to your customers who have requested to hear from you.

We'll take a look at your existing email strategy, execution, send metrics, and more ensuring you're strategy is supporting your customer base in the best way possible.

Audit Pricing

Click Rain offers a standard digital marketing audit that includes the mentioned focus areas. Custom audits for clients with more extensive marketing strategies are also available. Contact us for an estimate specific to your use case.

Standard Digital Marketing Audit: $6,000–$8,500