To close out our series, let’s talk about work. Work is a big part of our daily lives. We spend more time at work than anywhere else most days. And being successful in your work brings a unique fulfillment. So, we work hard at fostering that! Here’s how:


  • We provide a robust and well-thought-out onboarding plan to help employees acclimate to who we are and why the work they do matters.
  • We provide structured internal training. This happens through onboarding, and a variety of weekly, monthly and quarterly meetings, set aside specifically to share knowledge across the organization. This allows employees to have a complete view of the agency so they can understand the big picture and produce with an understanding of their professional environment.

Time Management

  • We protect our employees' time through a well developed, data driven, capacity planning process. This allows us to see the current week’s work, as well as the pipeline several months in advance. The carefully curated data arms us with the ability to make good decisions about people’s weekly capacity, shift priorities and workload as needed, as well as set proper expectations on timelines with clients. This helps employees achieve a healthy work life balance.


  • We encourage collaboration through regular client team meetings, allowing employees to share ideas, remain knowledgeable about their work and fully understand all the moving pieces and how they contribute to the overall success of initiatives.

Training & Growth

  • We provide clear growth tracks for employees.
  • We require quarterly goal-setting through what we call Quarterly Growth Plans (QGPs). These center around creating measurable and attainable goals to help employees progress in their careers and lives in general.
  • We provide outside training and education for staff as needed and are always looking for creative avenues to help employees meet their goals and continue to grow in their fields of expertise.

Employee Well-Being

  • We also allow employees to share in the profits of the organization. We are passionate about giving back to nonprofits and our community. Each year Click Rain sets aside 1% of its overall revenue for charitable giving. At the end of the year, we split it up amongst employees and allow them to give it to the nonprofit of their choice. This has been a great source of celebration amongst our team as we’ve watched employees pool their money together and make exceptional impacts on our community.
  • We provide an Employee Assistance Program which allows employees (and their families) the ability to seek free counseling for any reason, including workplace stress when it occurs. It’s free and anonymous!

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About the Author Carissa Schoffelman // VP of Administration

Carissa joined Click Rain as employee #5 in 2009; she now oversees all accounting and HR processes for both Click Rain & Lemonly.

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