Company Expectations

  • Able to lead a client through many challenges

  • Stays calm under pressure

  • Is proactive in communication with others, using appropriate communication channels

  • Starts to identify ways to mentor others

  • Ability to solve basic problems that arise during the process of completing a task

  • Displays professionalism in interactions with staff and clients

  • Demonstrates time management of self and encourages the same behavior
  • Understands the correlation between time and budget

About This Role

The Web Developer will play a critical role in using JAMstack methodologies to develop and deploy performant client websites. This position will require experience and familiarity with JavaScript frameworks such as Vue.js and Svelte, content management systems such as Craft CMS, and core web technologies.

Day-to-Day Expectations

  • Meaningfully contribute to client discussions

  • Contribute to, and hold team accountable to project scope documentation

  • Develop high-quality responsive templates

  • CMS integration (Craft CMS, ExpressionEngine, or similar)

  • Beginning understanding and/or use of PHP (or similar language)

  • Work with design team to determine if design choices fit within project requirements (accessibility, performance, responsive design principles, and budget)

Required Skills

  • Strong attention to detail

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills

  • Strong skills in front-end web development

  • Basic understanding of LAMP stack

  • Comfortable navigating a command line environment

  • Basic understanding of Git and version control

  • Understanding of DRY and KISS principles

  • Baseline understanding of project estimating

  • Baseline understanding of accessibility concepts

  • Baseline understanding of front-end performance concepts

  • Strong ability to follow established processes

Preferred Years of Experience



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