Quench Your Thirst for Industry Experience

Depending on your interests, your role could include building websites and emails, social posting, creating content or designs, assisting in paid media efforts, reporting on marketing performance, coordinating project work, and more.

Internship Openings

Quench an Internship Important Dates

  • Mid Jan - Feb 10: Accepting Applications
  • Week of Feb 20: Interviews
  • Week of Feb 27: Extend Offers
  • Week of June 5: Internship Begins
  • Week of August 7: Internship Ends

*Internship start and end date can be flexible and discussed upon offer.

Kick like Coffee, Adapt like Water: Quench

Internship Openings

Throughout the Quench program, you'll develop essential marketing skills while working alongside our expert team. Explore internship openings below:

Graphic Design Intern - Digital design is your world. Adobe Creative Suite is your second home. You connect to audiences by showing them a captivating story with accessible assets. One second you might be curating the perfect color scheme and the next you could be developing a legendary website.

Creative Copywriting Intern - Character limits don’t limit your creativity. Every letter leads your audience directly toward a client’s intended message. You effectively wield words to tell stories that resonate. Monday you may write a blog for wellness. Friday you could draft a social media campaign for travel.

Video & Animation Intern - Vertical video is your vibe and DaVinci Resolve is more than an artist's name to you. Finessing footage and creating animations to capture your audience’s attention is the action you want in on. Bring campaigns to life, while learning all the features of professional tech.


Digital Marketing Intern - See the big picture. Grasp the digital landscape to develop unique strategies that guide brands to success. You and our Data Analysis Intern will be BFFs.

Data Analysis Intern - Data tells a story–EQ and IQ come together and paint a picture. Informing decisions through data analysis will help team members create impactful solutions and strategies.

Digital Media - Utilize holistic strategies and online tools to boost client engagement and drive ROI. Social media, rich media, and negotiations are in the top of your skills list - did we mention excel sheets and data?!

Content Strategy Intern - Ensuring that all content serves a necessary function towards our client’s goals and tells a clear narrative in the process. Websites, emails, and native content might be some of your favorite things.


Account Service Intern - Project kickoff calls, documenting requests, coordinating projects, and mediating communication between clients and internal teams sounds amazing. You make friends with everyone you meet and have a passion for digital marketing.



Company Expectations

  • Keep a positive attitude and encourage others

  • Be proactive in communication with the team

  • Remain open to mentorship

  • Understand the need for professionalism in the workplace and strive for it daily

Day-to-Day Expectations

  • Develop industry skills and knowledge

  • Demonstrate a willingness to grow

  • Execute assigned tasks in a timely manner

  • Collaborate with the team and ask questions

  • Be observant of key processes

Required Skills

  • Proactive, highly motivated and detail-oriented

  • Solid written and verbal skills

  • Nimble and solution-oriented mindset

  • Curious mind and eagerness to learn

Where are They Now? Payton's Internship

“Interning with Click Rain, as I completed my graduate program, allowed me to follow my passion on an accommodating schedule. Their guidance improved my portfolio and prepared me for a professional role. Shortly after graduation, I transitioned to a permanent position with the agency. As a dedicated learner, I value Click Rain’s approach to continuous development. My experience continues to be nothing shy of extraordinary.” - Payton Smith

Click Rain Culture

Where are They Now? Calob's Internship

“Besides the culture, what stood out to me was the opportunity to get real experience right away. The mentorship is second to none. At Click Rain, you are truly valued and can ask questions and grow daily. If you ever need help, anyone is just one message away. An internship at Click Rain prepares you for a career by allowing you to work on actual client projects and getting all the necessary teaching you will need.” - Calob Jones

Internship Advice

Apply for a Quench Internship at Click Rain

Please include a resume and work samples (if applicable to your discipline). Internship applications for the 2023 year close February 10 – view other important dates.

Select the position you're applying for
Upload your resume in PDF format
Provide a cover letter or additional notes

The FAQs of Quench Life

Depending on the role and requirements, Quench is open to remote team members.

Yes, Quench interns are paid hourly.

Yes–we are happy to work with you and your higher-education credit hours, if applicable.

Interns typically work 30-38 hours a week, Monday-Friday but we can be flexible with your schedule. As an agency, we also have summer hours for our entire staff so Friday afternoons are enjoyed in the sun.

Quench internship will run from June 5th to August 11. Extensions and flexibility of internship timeframes can be requested.

Not at all. We welcome everyone looking to grow.

Side profile image of female employee working on her computer at her desk

Quench Culture Our team works with advanced technology every day but we also work with real people every day. From clients to colleagues and yes interns too, we always take a people-centered approach to accomplish our goals!

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