Company Expectations

  • Can proactively identify and lead a client through any business challenge within the scope of the project

  • Must be comfortable with and effectively identify, manage and resolve both internal and external conflict while maintaining poise and professionalism

  • Is an excellent communicator and can effectively simplify complex ideas to staff and clients

  • Management opportunities exist if mutually agreed upon

  • Can recognize team members’ unique potential and guide them accordingly

  • Able to forge new paths, solve complex problems and teach those around you to do the same

  • Professionally represents both the interests of the team and the larger interests of Click Rain

  • Assists in managing time for your team through capacity management

About This Role

Does brainstorming and creating videos for multiple advertising campaigns excite you? At Click Rain, our creative team tells compelling and persuasive stories through social media, connected tv, website video, digital radio, svg animation, and more. We are growing and looking for a seasoned video leader who's ready to join our thriving people-first agency.

Day-to-Day Expectations

  • Executive produce key video projects

  • Direct photo/video shoots

  • Lead/assist in strategic campaign development

  • Ability to innovate and provide new ideas, recommendations, and best practices

  • Creative strategy: lead video and campaign strategies while providing elevated design direction

  • Collaborate and assist in strategy ideation of creative concepts

  • Lead concept development of various campaigns through motion graphics and video

  • Lead in-depth client and team discussions/brainstorms

  • Lead in-depth conversations surrounding the EQ of creative

  • Perform "video producer" duties on and off set

  • Assist the department Director by taking on a specialized area of focus, leading meetings, solving issues, owning new business estimates & pitches, and helping manage the team’s workload. There is a potential for management of younger team members

Required Skills

  • Ability to grow client relationships and accounts

  • Ability to lead creative thinking sessions and develop actionable strategies

  • Ability to strategize, manage, and execute all video projects as it relates to creative concepts as a whole

  • Proven and effective delegation with the ability to mentor video and other creative staff members

  • Excellent presentation skills with the ability to provide in-depth rationale behind concepts and driving conversions via creative direction, both internally and to clients

  • Proficient in Adobe Creative Suite and DaVinci Resolve

  • Leadership in file management and archiving systems/processes

  • In-depth knowledge of lighting and various equipment capabilities

  • Experienced in photography is preferred

  • A demonstrated ability to lead

Preferred Years of Experience



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