Working With Megan

Megan has a strong sense of the ever-changing digital marketing landscape, from effective ad placements to trends on TikTok. Her greatest strength, as anyone will tell you, is her enthusiasm, which has helped dozens of clients reach their marketing goals. Megan's superpowers are:

  • Positivity
  • Brainstorming
  • Detail-orientated
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Fun facts about Megan

Outside of work, Megan enjoys spending time with her family and listening to podcasts. She listens to them all—fluffy, serious, and informational. If you need a new podcast recommendation, she’s the one to ask.

  • Favorite word: Coffee
  • In another life, Megan probably starred on Broadway
  • Words of wisdom: It's not about the cards you've been dealt, it is how you play the cards you've been given.
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"When Click Rain says they have a people-first culture, they don’t just talk the talk. As a new parent, they have shown up for me by offering so much support as I entered this new phase in life. They offer great benefits like the option to have a week of free dinners or getting my house cleaned after I came back to work from maternity leave. Not only did I feel supported in my personal life, but also in my career development."

– Megan Jensen