Working With Grant

A trained analytical thinker, Grant enjoys sifting through marketing data to find actionable insights. On your account, he will help fine-tune marketing efforts for better results and simpler analysis. Grant's superpowers are:

  • Strategy
  • Data Analysis
  • Curiosity
Grant chatting with someone offscreen

Fun facts about Grant

Grant may enjoy datasets at work; off the clock, however, he prefers to spend his time outdoors. He's an avid hunter and fisher, and enjoys exploring his family's land in central Iowa.

  • Experienced woodworker

  • Favorite food: Dutch Letters

  • Former Dordt Defender football player

Male Click Rain employee kneeling down next to his dog while hunting pheasants
black and white photo of Click rain employees sitting in comfortable chairs arranged in a large circle

"Working at Click Rain has been such a blessing in my life! I started working at Click Rain right out of college, and the team’s support has helped me learn and grow personally and professionally. It’s amazing to be a part of a team that truly supports you in all aspects of life!"

– Grant Van Zee