Working with Daphne

With a strong background in tailoring customer service to different clients in previous roles, Daphne excels at understanding other points of view and providing suitable recommendations. Professionally, Daphne strives to be adaptable and has a keen ability to identify client needs. She takes on big visions and conducts thorough research to understand projects and companies. Daphne approaches her work with compassion, aligning with clients' missions and visions. Daphne’s superpowers are:

  • Resilience
  • Curiosity
  • Perceptive mindset
Daphne smiling behind computer in boardroom

Fun Facts about Daphne

Outside of work, Daphne enjoys various activities, including running and weightlifting workouts. She also finds joy in outdoor activities such as kayaking, hiking, and picnics at Nebraska lakes during the summer. Daphne's recent travels through Asia sparked her desire to explore the rest of the world. She also indulges in scrolling through Pinterest and creating Spotify playlists.

  • Speaks Spanish as her first language
  • Has a beloved French bulldog named Tobi
  • Aspires to take cooking classes around the globe
Photo of daphne with scenic backdrop
Beautiful sunset over a river

“I am incredibly excited about my internship at Click Rain. The company culture is truly remarkable, and it's something that I value greatly as I approach my job search after college. I can't wait to combine my passion for helping others with the exciting and creative aspects of marketing. Moreover, I'm enthusiastic about acquiring the skills to analyze data and effectively communicate the insights behind marketing strategies.”

- Daphne Navarro