Working With Cindy

Cindy is happiest when she is both excelling in her position and helping those around her. Whether they be clients or coworkers Cindy’s best days come when she is checking off boxes and making people feel welcome. Her ability to anticipate office needs and also clients' requests is just one of the helpful ways she assists others in getting a job done. Cindy’s superpowers are:

  • Detail-Oriented

  • Dependable

  • Empathetic

Cindy talking with a coworker smiling

Fun facts about Cindy

Cindy has three sons, all talented musicians scattered across the country!

  • Rides motorcycles with her husband

  • Always traveling.

  • Is a DIY Interior designer

Cindy at the beach smiling
black and white photo of Click rain employees sitting in comfortable chairs arranged in a large circle

“My experience at Click Rain so far has been nothing short of amazing. It's rewarding to work for an organization that is people-centered and that genuinely strives to make a great environment for its employees. The atmosphere here is positive and there is such great energy amongst everyone in the office, it is definitely an honor to work here.”

– Cindy Hayden