Working with Cameron

Cameron strives to craft clear and engaging content: ad copy, landing pages, emails, you name it. Ultimately, he believes that clear writing reinforces Click Rain's mission to put people first, something not all marketing succeeds at. On your account, Cameron will work to clarify your message and connect with a wider audience without sounding salesy. Cameron's superpowers are:

  • Persuasion

  • Storytelling

  • Content Strategy

Side profile image of male writer leaning on a table working on his computer. There is also a notebook on the table. The writing is wearing glasses and has headphones in.

Cam Fun Facts

When he's not writing around the office, Cameron is likely playing guitar at home, dreaming about mountains, or both.

  • Writes and publishes poetry online

  • Loves classic bebop jazz

  • Recovering coffee snob

Male employee and his wife pose for a picture with a tree in the background.
Black and white image of male employee working on his computer at his standing desk.

"Click Rain understands that career is only one aspect of a healthy, balanced life. Working here has taught me that it's possible to hold high standards at the office while prioritizing faith, family, and other life responsibilities."

– Cameron Brooks