Working With Calob

Calob's adaptability and eagerness to learn make him an excellent collaborator. He consistently goes above and beyond to meet clients’ needs and is dedicated to providing exceptional service. Calob's personal values align with Click Rain's people-centered approach, and his drive for continuous improvement ensures that he brings his best self to every project. Calob’s superpowers are:

  • Restoration
  • Achievement
  • Harmony

Fun facts about Calob

Calob's journey has taken him from Minnesota to Eastern South Dakota. He settled in Brookings and has embraced the local community. Outside of work, Calob enjoys various outdoor activities such as fishing, golfing, biking, and riding motorcycle. He also has a passion for watching sports. Calob has a range of interests that have helped him become sort of a jack of all trades.

  • Monster beverage enthusiast
  • Former SDSU Track & Field athlete
  • Part-time farmer
Calob smiling with thumbs up in working gloves
Beautiful sunset over a river

“Transitioning from my internship to officially joining the team has been exciting! The support and encouragement from the team has allowed me to grow both personally and professionally. Being a part of an amazing team that genuinely cares about you is truly inspiring and something I'm proud I can be a part of."

- Calob Jones